It's X'mas! :@

Hohoho, Merry Christmas!


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ~~

Nice show nice show! \(^-^)/ .

任何一個受傷的愛情都不值得你懷疑, 但如果是真的愛不是應該要把握才不會有遺憾 。



I can't take it, the clock is ticking so super duper slowly!!!!! -.-


4 more days .......

rawr, so sian ttm! 4 more days going to Escape! *happy happy*
How can i survive through this 4 days , haissss.
Nowadays at home watching "Hi My Sweetheart" nice show! heeeheezx.
Ohyea, btw tks Fang fang fang chuxian for the rabbit(looks like bunny to me) ! haaazx, love it! <3

4 more days...
4more days....
4more days....
4 more days...
4 more days...

ESCAPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so looking forward ! ;)


6 Grace Class outing!

ee 6 Grace Gathering will be held at Sentosa East coast.

Meeting Place : Habourfront Punggol MRT
Meeting Time : 12pm
Date : 12th December 2009 (Saturday)

Please bring ez-link card, extra clothes (if u wan to play water) & i advice u to bring $10 & above.

If you have any questions or changes u wanna made, please contact Chingyen, Chuxian or me personally. ;D
Oh & spread this around the 6Grace peoples too, tell them about it!
We hope u really will come!!

There is no fire without some smoke.

(Picture taken from Chingchingzx's blog)

This world is too cruel, God is out of control.


It kills me.

Cs outing yesterday was fun ;)

For Pictures go Chingchingzx's blog  !  :D