86 400 seconds in a day

Celebrated Ms farah's Bdae in class today.
Everyone was like craaazzzzyyy o_o ,
& it was sooo funny . hahahaha.

Happy Birthday to Ms Farah & Mr Asmadi :D




Sadly, my mini 55i drop to the ground.
No idea if it's spoiled or what, heartaches.
Meanwhile, i check up on some Film cameras. Not tat expensive as dslr.
Much more more more more cheaper! & the effects was like damn cool!
Long ago back, i was hoping to get a LOMO Diana F+ . But i have no idea where to buy, until today i went to browse through & saw Diana F+ . Get to know a little how to use the camera, & know where to buy. But, i don't know how to get to that place!!! -.- . i will definitely buy Diana F+ one day!! :DDD

My mini 55i is officially broke down, how. );


I don't care.

After school, painted the classroom.
sooo funny, all our Uniform, pe shirt stained with paint,
& our face too . HAHAHAHA
After painting the classroom, Ms farah treat us Mc!
tyyyy! :D
Then, walk home.
I'm so looking forward to CNY! :D
Red packetssssss! $$$$$$, im coming, hehe.

Memories, gone, replacing the new ones.
I bet most of you don't care.


(Luvs) !

Heyya bloggers, here to update my blog! :D

Happy birthday to Jan & Feb babies! :D

Credits : Ms Farah :)


2n4, my love!

Pretty Teacher, Pretty students . :DD

The weather is killing us!
Even the fans in our class can't help much. -.-
Chickenpoxxxxxxxx people quickly recover!!! We need air-conditioner!
LOL. ))))))))))):

Lastly, Happy birthday Fishyy!! :D



Super cuteeeeee! ;3


Yayaya, wat i'm doing now is the title of the post .
research !
Today music lesson is fun ttm x 987654321!
Played piano, & Eccleshia keep disiao me ):
k la, gtg go home! Update tmr agan! :D


Daily routine

Nowadays, school so fun . Guys fighting there & here. so funny one, LOL.
i super love today! Cos get to bully Ang baka & Bird . HAHAHA.
& quite a number of classmates had chickenpoxxxxxxxxx. omgggggggg.
i think they're gonna be back in 1 week , if im not wrong. Hope that they're fine.
Lastly ,  
i super hate the weather, so hot & humid. -.-

School's so fun ,
super love my class.