Holidays = Boring.

So far june holidays are not being good to me at all.
I'm so freaking bored @ home. Rot rot & rot.
Can SLs come back faster? Please don't snatch my friends away. :)


I can be your superhero, baby~

Everybody is in love with this song.


Take me away from this city to see the lightning fireflies ;)

You Would Not Believe Your Eyes,
If Ten Million Fireflies 
Light Up The World As I Fell Asleep, 

Cause They Fill The Open Air 
And Leave Teardrops Everywhere,
I'd Get A Thousand Hugs 
From Ten Thousand Lightning Bugs,
As They Tried To Teach Me How To Dance 


Weeh, I'm temporary free from exams~

It's time for a break!
I would go school tomorrow because of collecting back the papers. :3
Out of the topic - Hair, please please grow faster~ I've regretted cutting you & i would never cut you ever again! So, please grow fast -_-

#nowplaying Owl City - Alligator Sky


Million of wishes.

Can't help but blog :3
Instead of studying for exams, i had been watching korean drama for the past few days.
'Invincible Lee Pyeong Gang!' Gahh, one of the nicest comedy drama!
Anw, 2 papers down 7 more to go! I've already told my mother.. "mummy~ i warned you 1st ah, i confirm fail Combined Humanities so don't scold me when i get back the results. Hahaahahaha"
Her reaction : *nod* *nod*
Hahaha, anw i have my June holiday plan! I want to go pierce my ears again,
and...... of course shopping!!! :D
kk, thinking about holidays make me so happy :3
Gonna study & suffer for another 2 more weeks! Hwaiting!



I need & must to strive A1s for the 3subjects, & get at least a B4 or C5 for the other 3.
So, bear with me for not updating! Once MYE is over, I'm so gonna blog like
If possible, i will make my blog public.
And i fucking need a camera to not make my blog look so wordy.