Found these in my picture folder xD
We're so young & cute. Now? Still so young & cute ~^^

I think they are gonna kill me for posting all these photos :p
It's all great memories, isn't it? hahaha. :)
& I just realized that i didn't have any photos with sharania :(
Shall take picture with her someday! :D

Oh, and this video!!

& this EFPS 6GRACE`08 video too! XD

It sure brings back memories.
Time really flies, we all grown up so fast ^-^
Okay,I guess i shall end here then! My lunch is hereee~


Ahhh, love this heels so much!
Wanted to order but the Preorder had closed. :(
Any kind souls know where to buy this?
Shall go Bugis & Far east plaza to search for this type of heels.
Bye, lovelies! :D
As ya know, school is starting on the 3rd of January.
I don't know if i should dye my hair colour to dark brown or worst, black.
Whenever people asked me "Wah you dye your hair ah?!"
I was like "Izzit that obvious..?"
Anyway, shall be a good girl & dye my hair to dark brown colour :p (I'll never dye black!)

My sister gave me her old camera, because she got her new DSLR. Me jealous much.
Just hope that the camera is still working so that i can take pictures of random things & those clothes that i wanna sell away will be up on my blogshop!
Speaking of blogshop, I think I've spent over 100$ on lots of things.. :S
Should really stop myself from seeing those nice clothes >_>
But I'm still gonna shop like crazy once i got my $$ to buy CNY clothes! ^-^
Still thinking if i should wear dress(don't laugh!) or jeans. Oh & i wanna try wearing heels during CNY. LOL. I think i will trip & fall within seconds after walking on that heels. HAHA. Okay, shall do a makeover on myself. I'll just go search some dresses & heels then. (LOLOLOL.) I think my whole family will be shocked.

Okay, bye! Have a good weekend ahead~ :D


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Merry Christmas!

First of all, Merry Christmas everyone! :3
I got my first Christmas prezzie from Santa Chuxian oh & from my Santa Sister!! :D
Had really a fun & enjoyable time going out with her, we went to shop for Christmas presents for the others. & prepared a little surprise that we made it ourselves. Hope they will really like it ^-^
Another 6hours & 18mins more to celebrate Christmas with my friends!
Gotta party all night~ :D



Just a little update here to keep my blog alive(although it's already dead dead dead).
Christmas is just 4 days away~ & We will be celebrating @ Gloria's house!
Finally get the chance to see my friends. :)