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Photos spam

Hi yaya! I know my posts are wordy, here's some photos what i've been doing these few days.

- Yayaya, helping sparky to bathe & now he's BLING BLING CLEAN! :D

- Reflection of us. hahaha. :)

- *Ahem* "erzi ..." :))

- hohoho, my first time taking pic with fishy! :D

Thank you Chingyen, Larissa & Hanyi for the pics!



ii po0ossttiinnqq h3r3iieee

ar3iiee eeuuiishh typiinnqiiee likk3iisshh thiishh ?

For those who can't understand wat shit i typing :
Are you typing like this?

(Click to enlarge)

th3yyiiee ar3iiee typ3iinq liik3 thiishiish
wiie ar3iiee f0ollo0wiinq upishh 0onniiee thiishh tr3ndiiee to0oiiszxs!

For those who can't understand what shit i typing :
They are typing like this,
we're following up on this trend too!

superstitions or pure wisdom ?

Do you believe in ghosts? Sources say they do believe it and some are not. But the imagination is fertile, and for people like us who are open to the possibility of ghosts, and even if there is a rational reason or scientific explanation, they tend to believe in the supernatural. Many scientists have discussed the possibility of a deep, instinct fear that is rooted into the minds of all humans that stems back from all of human history. A time in the past, lightning could it mean the burning of your house, thunderbolt could be the sound of a raid, and a mirror could be a predator/intruder lurking where you could not see it. Do you ever get that "strange feeling" whenever you walk by a reflection and feel as if something is there, but when you look, it is just you are staring back?

Are they merely just superstitions or wisdom from our old ancestors being passed down?

Here are the lists whether you or younger generations would like to know more of this pure wisdom or superstitions customs:

1) When you were born, and you may not know what is the meaning of our toe’s mystery lies… prefer not to say. You may guess what it is. This is related to your family future lies.

2) If you break mirror, you will have 7 years bad luck.

3) Do not open an umbrella indoors.

4) Never give knifes/clocks as presents.

5) If you enter the cemetery, cover your mouth with handkerchief to prevent evil spirits from entering it. You may not know as if the spirit is entering your mouth or you inhale it when you do not do so.

6) Wash your hands and feet after come back from cemetery or funeral.

7) Never took photographed for 3 people together.

8) If you leave a rocking chair rocking when empty, it invites evil spirits to come into your house to sit in the rocking chair.

9) Never sweep out your house after it gets dark, as you will be sweeping away your wealth.

10) Don't trim your finger or toe nails at night. They will surely bleed.

Credits : Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI)


Two is better than one

School was pleasant, there are piles of homework waiting for me to finish it. ;) Today class was so funny! Play & fool around. hahaha!
Afterschool, i was supposed to do math correction. But instead of doing math,
i went to help out with the CC to decorate the class.
after some decorations, sat down & chat with Ms Farah! :DDDDDDD
then, walk home with Jiahui ;)

meow, bye.


Back to school

sad sad sad, there's school tomorrow,
someone save me.


A little fire is quickly trodden out

Cheese! <;

hehe, Jiahui drew the doraemon! cutee daahh! :>
& people, tag leh. geez. :p


One fire burns out another's burning.

Just a little update to keep my blog alive.
school was fine, so glad that Ms Farah was our form teacher.
oh & yes yes, my class was always funny & "immature" in a cute way.
loveeee themmm x100000000000000000000000000000!

I'll post the pictures tomorrow.


2009, 2010 .

Happy new year, Everyone!
Happy 10th Friendship Anniversary, C's

Wakakaka! LOL.