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Secret weakness.



Currently watching 'Yankee-kun to Megane-chan'!
Seldom watch Jdrama, but this drama is really nice!! :D
Comedy, funny yet touching (;



Burning midnight oil tonight for studying!! :D
Will update tomorrow morning, Goodnight & Sweet dreams! :)



Came back from the Secondary 3 Malaysia trip!
It was awesome! Sadly, the 8 girls - Eccleshia, Gloria, Larissa, Hanyi, Hilary, Amni, Ameelia including me had to be in the bus with 3n2 because the bus only can take up to 40 seats & our whole classmates of 40 are going. So, Ms Tan choose us to be with 3n2 for the whole bus journey. ): Instead of bonding with 3n3, we bond with 3n2... because most of the bonding time is in the bus. Harharhar.
Had great nights with my room mates though - Larissa, Gloria, Eccleshia, Hanyi, Hilary & Azlinah!
Eating chips for supper! Haahaha.
Day 2 was the most fun! Went to school orphanage, Me & Gloria had a Buddy named 'Sakdia'(sp?)
She's cute :3 Had difficulties communicating with her because of the different language. Gloria is our translator! \m/ Then, we went to the village. Played coconut bowling hahaha!
Was sad that It's already day three and the fun passed so fast, it's time for us to say goodbye to Malaysia, Port Dickson. ): Wish to stay there longer, if i have the chance, i will definitely visit Malaysia again with my friends! :D

I regret not bringing my sister's camera!!!!!!! sadface x1000000000000000000000000000
Waiting for Eccleshia & Regina to upload the photos.......................


I will be waiting for you, in this little Café

Hihihi, i totally screwed up for my chemistry common test paper today.):
Didn't managed to finish answering all the questions. MCQs was fine though, except for the Structure questions. Its a must to pass!!
Got Back POA common test paper ^-^ 18.5/25! Not very high, but at least i put in effort
to study. Starting to love POA more & more.

Bye, gonna start packing up for the Port Dickson camp!