New semester, new classmates, new modules

Hi! A week of school have just passed~
Pretty much the same thing just with different people learning different modules.
Glad that I still have a few classmates with me from previous class.
I feel like this year will really be a year of change for me.
I started liking what I'm actually doing in this course, finding back the passion I once had from the start when I first chose this course. I should really be thankful to actually got into my desired course in NYP. Rewinding back to last year first sem.. I was really lazy and unmotivated. I literally just dragged myself to school everyday. I guess it's due to the difficulty to adapt to the new environment. And of course, with lazy self & the 'hack care' attitude, there goes a lousy GPA. Regretted, but what can I do. Its already the past. Right now, I just have to work double hard to pull up my current average GPA. Apart from my school life, there's really nothing much in my personal life. I'm just really happy with myself and the people who I love. There's really nothing much I'll ask for except for everyone to be happy and healthy.

A few pictures of what I've been doing this past few weeks!

It's MOCHIII!! She's really lovable and active!! It's Chingyen's puppy btw! hahaha

 And then there's sparky.. sniffing me when I get home after playing with mochi. He's looking as charming as always ;)

Taken on my Ah Gong's Birthday!!! My family & I didn't stay to celebrate his bday with the others as we're rushing off to collect something.

Went swimming the other day with them! I finally know how to swim.. freestyle. HAHA

Will update again pretty soon!



"Do you understand the feeling of afraid? Where you have been hurt so badly that you don't want to fall anymore. "I'm strong" "I can handle it myself" "I'm fine being alone" "I don't need anyone else" all these sentences that have been playing in your head. But at one point of time, that someone makes you wanna fall so badly, again. And you're denying it, holding it back because you're afraid.. that he/she will be your next mistake, the one that let you fall and was not there to save you."


Hiiii!!!!! | Forest Park & Cable Car Ride!

So.... I've found out that i had this blog.....
And managed to find the email and password just so I could continue posting here.
I did it!!!!! I'm so excited though... there's so much of my memories here and I'm glad that I didn't delete this blog back then.

Life have been pretty... hmmm I'll say fascinating? It's like a roller coaster ride.
But well, life is supposed to be like this right? If there's no ups and downs in life like our heartbeat, we will all be dead hahaha. Anyway, I'm halfway through the school holidays and now I'm jobless. Ended my job at sportslink because the outlet that I work at have to closed down for re-renovation and they won't be moving back anymore. :( Miss the fun and laughter there though just like how i miss working at centrepoint sportslink hahaha.

Anyway! I've finally went to the Forest Walk!!! (Near Henderson Waves bridge and Mount Faber Park).
Was suppose to meet early in the morning, but Chuxian woke up late hahaha
It was sooo humid but anyway we had fun singing through the woods! I bet the trees cannot tahan our voices. hahaha

Saw this cutie ;)

 Finally!! :DD

Halfway through our walk to mount faber park, we saw cable car rides!!! So we're like why not?! 

Couldn't remember the last time I took a cable car ride... 

It was so fun!! We're literally jumping with joy inside the cable car..(oops hahaha)

Beautiful sea between the island of SG and Sentosa.. tbh I've never seen such a blue sea in SG before.. hahahaha

So glad to have this younger sister to follow me around to the places I wanna go!
I shall end this post with a picture of my Mum and I having karaoke session at home hahahahaha