Wooz. Finally got to update :)
Will upload all the pics once MYE end. :D
&yea Larissa they all on Youtube watching "Ghost"-.,-
Scream there scream here . hohoho.


It's Saturday!!! :)

Went out with my babes & two frens.
Meet downtown at 11am, everyone was late except me & hanyi HAHA
walk around, window shopping.
Then, around 1.50 went to buy the tickets . Watched "Date Night",
I like the plot of the story, so interesting.
Then after watching movie, walk to whitesands. Larissa, Gloria, Zk, Teck heng went home. Left sherleentan, hanyi, and me :))) around 6pm++ home.
Had a great day with them :D


I'm soooo bored .

Hello eveyoneeee! Using iPhone to blog.
Hahaha, I came here to show off that
I've got a new iPhone ! LOL & yeah iPhone is way so
common nowadays. Wherever I go I see people using iPhone .
I wanted to get a UNIQUE handphone. But, sister & mother force me
to take iPhone !!!! Rawr. I'm depressed when Im holding on to the iPhone,
scared it will drop, lost, blah . ==
Alright, gtg byeeeeee :)

browsing through youtube.

Bored, browsing through youtube.
Check out on this Local band, Quick quick danger.
Surprised much? :)

This Weekend!! :D

Doraemon says "HHiii!!!!!!!!"

First of all, i got back my History CT.
I got 15/30 !!!!! Just passed. I will work harder!!! :D
Tomorrow, Class photo taking & I'm free from mathematics & chinese, woooohhzzzzz. !!
so excited oh.
Hope that nothing goes wrong this weekend.


I love my class :)

My class very cute rite!!!
With great teachers & students, 2n4 is the best!! :D
Tks Hanyi for the pictures!! :)
Okay, my dinner is here , bye!

Boy or Girl?!

I look like a boy in this piccccccccccccccc , wth!!!
Friends say that i look like a boy in short hair, & want me to be their boyfriend, LOL.
A guy from other class says that i look like Justin Beeeeeeeeeeber HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, how funny.
Justin beeeeeeeeeeber? No wayyy. I rather look like an alien.
So many comments about my short hair. My hair is popular!(bhb) hehe.
Odonkey, Byee :)))))))

Mr Asmadi, Get well soon . :))))))))


Are you a good or bad student?

Quiz again! :)
I'm a good studenttt!!!! LOL.

[x] Slept in class
[x] Talked in class
[x] Not seating at your own place in class
[x] Scolded by a teacher
[ ] Litter the classroom
[ ] Did not do your homework at least 15 times
[x] Submitted your homework late at least 10 times
[ ] Came late for school at least 10 times
[ ] Brought/wore home clothes without school's permission(fbt shorts)
[ ] Brought/wore jewellery to school
[ ] Did not pay attention in class for at least 60% of the time
[x] Cried out "sian" or "wa lao wei" to the teacher
[  ] Plucked a flower/ killed a plant
[x] Copied other people's homework in desperation
[x] Played a trick on your classmates/teacher

Total so far: 8

Level 2:

[ ] Sent for detention class
[x] Ate in class
[x] Not wearing your school uniform (if you have) properly
[x] Shouted at the top of your voice during lesson time
[x] Scolding vulgarities in class
[ ] Spotted hairstyle deemed unacceptable by the school
[x] Used a school facility without school's permission
[ ] Played soccer/basketball or any other sports in classroom
[ ] Singing loudly during lesson
[x] walking around the class aimlessly during lesson time
[x] Did not greet the teacher properly
[x] Went to the toilet during lesson time without permission
[ ] Played a trick on the teacher during april fools
[ ] Used the teacher's table as a rubbish dump
[ ] Made yourself a nuisance to the teacher

Total so far: 8+8=16
Level 3:

[x] Was asked to stay back after school/ break time
[ ] Made a fool out of morning assembly
[ ] Wasted the school's toilet paper
[x] Sabotaged someone
[x] Irritated someone

Total so far: 16+3=19

Level 4:

[x] Forged your parent's signature
[ ] Forged a classmate's signature
[ ] Forged a teacher's signature
[ ] Made rude remarks to the school cleaners in front of them
[ ] Flew a paper aeroplane down from the school's highest store

Total so far: 19+1=20

Level 5:

[x] Fiddling with your handphone during lesson time
[ ] Played with your PSP in class
[ ] Using school computer to play games without a teacher's permission
[x] Listened to music in school
[ ] Messed with the teacher's pigeon hole

Total so far: 20+2=22

Level 6:

[x] Vandalising with school property
[ ] Tried to defame your school in public
[ ] Used the internet to scold teachers
[ ] Fought with someone in school
[ ] Shoplifted in school

Total so far: 22+1=23
Level 7:

[x] Cheated in a test
[ ] Cheated in a school examination
[ ] Cheated for your PSLE/ GCE 'O' or 'A' Level Examination
[x] Lied to your teacher
[ ] Played truancy for hall assemblies/ specific lessons

Total so far: 23+1=24

Level 8:

[ ] Took drugs in school
[ ] Smoked in school
[ ] Set fire to something in school
[ ] Locked the teacher out of the classroom
[ ] Played truancy just after coming to school just to take attendance

Total so far: 24+0=24

Level 9:

[ ] Refused to pay school fees
[ ] Cheated the school money
[ ] Stole things which belonged to the school
[x] Bullied someone in school
[ ] Pranked called your school

Total so far: 24+1=25

Level 10:

[ ] Raised your voice/shouted against a student leader
[ ] Raised your voice/shouted against a teacher
[ ] Raised your voice/shouted against your discipline master/mistress
[ ] Raised your voice/shouted against your vice-principal
[ ] Raised your voice/shouted against your principal

Total so far: 25+0=25

Level 11:

[ ] Brought weapons to the school
[ ] Brought real firearms to the school
[ ] Brought a real bomb to the school
[ ] Fired a real weapon in the school with the motive to frighten/kill
[ ] Dressed up as a terrorist in school

Grand total: 25+0=25!!!

If you are between:
0-15 - I am a good student
16-20 - I am a good student but with occasional trouble
21-30 - I am an average student
31-40 - I am a bad student
41-50 - I am a very bad student
51-60 - I should have been caned by the discipline master
61-65 - I should have been expelled from school
66-75 - I should have been sent to a reformatory

I am an average student! woooh~ :D



History common test was quite easy, as i got study! :D
hmmm, I've got nothing to say alr,
Odonkey, :)

Credits: Photoscape 3.4



ROFL. "Any" key!

Tomorrow's CT is History, my "favourite" subject.
Yesterday, went out with my friends to Changi Airport to "study"
"study" as in "playing" . I only manage to memories this when "playing" or "study"
Here it goes ...

Japanese Occupation -
Following the British surrender, Japanese Occupation of Singapore ended over a 100years of British colonialism. Singapore became a Japanese colony know as (syana-to)? or south of light. & blahblah urged people to speak Japanese language, use Japanese calender & be loyal to Japanese Emperor. Something like that. &i can't remember the rest of all.

International events -
The first International event was that Industrial revolution (1750-1850s) that increased trade & communication in Singapore . Worst i forgot -.,-

See! At least i can get a few marks!
Odonkey, off to memories more History notes! :D


Ahgong's Birthday, Pictures :)

I just grab these pictures yesterday from my sister's camera.
Lack of pics in my blog, so decided to post many many pictures :D
Here's the pictures!

My Family so cute rite ;3 yesyes i know :)))))
&Lastly, with a stupid picture of me LOLOL

Odonkey, :D


Let's learn chinese! -。-

你们好,今天下午赵老师留我们下来。 应为我们“无敌小组”其中有一位成员没做功课。
我们整组成员需要留下来罚抄 : 一个句子WRONG , 我们罚抄五次 。 一个字WRONG , 罚抄十次。
是不是很EVIL? 由于那个成员有很多WRONG字, 我们需要抄很多编。 真是要我们的命啊!
赵老师, 放我们一马吧! LOLOL

See, my Chinese very pro right! :)
No one can beat my Chinese, not even tat 小红鸟(Larissa will know what it mean)!!
Odonkey, off to do English homework! :D

Credits: Photoscape 3.4


Money + Happiness ? :D

I wish i have a million dollars right now on my table.
I want to be a millionaire! Money or Happiness , which will you choose?
Can't we have both? ):

There's something wrong with sparky, i hope he's fine . )):

Credits: Photoscape 3.4


Break your little heart in two.

Second post of the day!
Whole day on Youtube, listen a lot songs! I (Luvs) Mayday Parade, ATL, BSB, Faber Drive
& not forgetting Bigbang! :)
They rock ttm!!!! Rock on manzx!!! LOLOL.
I know i may sound like a crazyfans of them here, but i won't be a fans of them forever, i always change my mind,
I can't stick to one! LOL.
Okay, bye. :)
I'm busy, you know busy busy busy ~

Secret love, my escape,
Take me far far away.
Secret love, are you there,
will you answer my prayer.
Please take me anywhere but here.

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Passby Shalyn's Blog, saw this quize.
It was like a year back since i do quizes? Long long time ago~
so yeah, let's do the quiz!! :D

1. Are you single or attached? I'm always single !_!

2. Do you have a person you like? I LOVE EVERYONE :D

3. What is the name of the person that you're in love w/? Everyone? :D

4. If the person you love & yr mum dropped into the sea, who will you save? Under the braaaa~~ jump down , die tgt :D

5. Have you ever hugged someone before? Ofcos .

6. Do you love yr parents? Ofcosssssssssssss!

7. Will you hug the one you love? -.,- If you don love the person, you hug the person for wat?

8. Are you willing to do anything for yr boyfr / girlfr? Most of it, not everything.

10. Who is the last person that messaged you? Chuxian!!! :)

11. Do you want babies in the future? Hm, they're cute, but naah i don tink i want.

12. Do you prefer Mcdonalds, KFC, Long John Silver, Burger King or coffee shop? Homedishes is the best (Y)

13. Do you sniff glue? No.

14. Do you smoke? No.

15. If yr boyfr / girlfr is a 2-timer, what will you do? Slap him, & immediately ask for a breakup.

16. What cca are you in now? Library

17. If you're rich, what'll you do? How rich?

18. If the one you're in love w/, held yr hand, what'll you do? smile? LOL

19. If the one you love, reject you, what'll you do? If i really love him, i'll wait for him? (that sounds mushy) LOL

20. What is yr favourite cartoon character? ANGANGANG, DORAEMONNN :DDD

21. Friendship or Love? Both :)

22. Cookie Monster or Elmo? Elmo.

23. If you found out that yr boyfr / girlfr texts another person of another gender w/ mushy words, what would you do? Asked him for explanation.

24. Do you like lollipop? Chocolate flavour? YES :D

25. Do you have a diary? Is blog counted as a "diary" ?

26. There's an admirer of yrs & he won't die heart, what'll you do? I don't give a damn . LOL

27. If you quarrel w/ yr boyfr / girlfr and he/she wants to break, what'll you do?  try to talk to him & sort things out.

28. Are you blur? What do you think? everyone call me Sotong :)

29. If you can have yr hair dyed, what colour do you want it to be? Rainbow HOHO!! LOL

30. Who is the last person you chatted w/ in msn? eh, i forgot ._.

31. How many guys / girls have you beaten before? Woo, more than 10 LOL

32. If your boyfr / girlfr don't love you anymore, what'll you do? Ask him for the reasons.

33. What would you do if yr parents plan to marry you off to another person you don't love besides the person you love? Run away with my lover!! :D like fairytale :)

34. Is there someone you'd wait forever? If the person is worth for me to wait, i'll wait.

35. Do you ignore people when you're mad / upset with them? Yeah. sometimes.

36. Is it hard to make you smile? I smile & laugh every second HAHAHA.

37. Are you starting to realise something? realise what!? LOL

38. Do you feel like there's something missing in yr life? Yeah, a lot.

39. Do you often feel like you're becoming someone you don't want to be? Yea, sometimes

40. Do you think relationships are hard? If you know how to learn to love & let go, relationships aren't that hard after all.

41. Is there someone that you believe you will always be attached to? Currently, no.

42. Would you ever take someone back if they cheated on you? No, never.

43. What was the last thing you laugh really hard at? hm, a lot LOL

44. Do you get annoyed when you see someone you don't like? Yeah. sometimes.

45. Do you like to know the truth, no matter what? Yesssssssssssss. so, don't make me curious.

46. Could you cry right now? No ?
47. Do you know if anyone likes you? I don't think so, & i don't want to know too.

48. Do you miss anyone now? Yessss, hella lots of people i miss rite now xD

49. Do you hope you can be someone else better than being yrself? Ofcos, but i still love who am i now :)

50. Tag 5 person whom you want them to do this quiz. Everyoneeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! :D

Done!! Byeeeee :)


MYE coming.

Time to study, MYE is just about 1 month away.
Quite satisfied with my CA results, even though i failed D&T & History.
I love history nowadays! History is hella damn easy, teacher already
give the answers for the History CT. All we need to do is just memorize the ESSAY, YEAH ESSAYY it's like long long paragraph by paragraph about the past, history.! &yeah, isuckatmath nowadays & i got 70marks for Math(CA), does that make sense? I hate that topic teacher is teaching us now, Elimination, Subsitiution, Graphical, blah shit? -.,- I don't understand, & no one is helping me .
MYE is coming, if you ask me if I'm stress, i would reply you directly saying that "No, I'm not at all, i still laugh my ass out everyday!"
Doesn't mean the exam is coming, everyone must be stressed !_!
If you're stress, i suggest you to smoke. Smoke can reduce your STRESS(someone told me that),
yeah i mean STRESS, not being COOL OR WHAT. But .... that isn't a good idea after all, it will affect your health, so naah i rather jump down the buliding if I'm stress . LOL.
Okay, i type a lot of shits today. Bye, off to jump down from Taipei 101 buliding! :D
Seeya in hospital !_!

Credits: Photoscape 3.4