This week . :D

Monday, Mathematics CT D;

Tuesday, P.E :DDDDDD

Wednesday, Larissa stay over night at my house!! :D
-A lot of stupid & embarrassing things happened. LOL

Thursday, Sports day & April's fool day!
i took part in 100m track events & High jump -.,-
I'm fit okay!! although I'm F-A-T . LOL

-& yeah, i got bronze for 100m track events.
High jump, blah i don't give a damn.
"If you manage to run finish the track, you're already the winner."

Friday, Gooddddddd fridayyyyyyyyy! :DDDDDD
-clapclap- No school! Happy Birthday! Ahgong! :D


Saturday, Girls day & night out! :D
-I didnt went out with them .

Sunday, Boring day O; , Study day!


My internet connection sot sot this past few days,
so i couldn't update my twitter & blog, cannot online on msn too :) .
Happy Birthday, Chingyen!! :D May you be crazy always, study hard & continue to be a good girl okay! :D

Cotton on cotton on! LOL :D



This looks fun! so i created 8D

Ask me anything :) http://formspring.me/thirteentimes

Ask me anything alright! I'm bored, so ask me any crazy, funny, stupid, horny questions :D
Tyvm. :)

Is there anyone viewing or passingby my blog?

I'm curious, with so many craps i post on my blog, is there anyone reading it? o_o.
Any daily readers out there?! Cos' it seems that no one is tagging my blog!! D;
Perhaps, i don't think there's anyone reading my blog.
I'm sad ))))))): If there is, please please tag my blog before you leave! I'll be greatly appreciate! :D We can be friends too, I'm friendly. :D I don't mind if you spam my blog too, it has been such a long time since people spam my blog. But i know, you won't , Cos' I'm too friendly & kind! (bhb) hahaha ....

(I'm totally talking boring stuffs on today's post.)

Well, I'll end this post with Stamford's BIG EYES O_O , oh & with his mouth open! :D Bye!

Credits : Ms Farah :D


Back to the School

(Seriously, i love this picture. So nice :D)

Alright, last post of the day before i bring sparky down!
I can't believe it, tomorrow it's the school reopen D:
1 week holiday just zoomz , gone like that. Did i really spend my holiday wisely?
hmmmm, i guess i did. Had so much fun! :D
Well, it's the time to get back to study after the 1 week of relaxing!
School is fun! hoho. :D

Alright, end of post!
Will post tomorrow morning :D

Ohmy, Pictures!

(Okay , i seriously look like a boy that day, My Name is Kai.:D)

(Micah & Me!)

(I love the water effect of this picture!)

Woohohohzx! Finally got pictures! :D
Thanks to Larissa, Hanyi & Ms Farah!

Ohya, Tag Two&Four's Blog!


2nd post of the day! :)

Guess who make my dayyyy?????

Look at her beautiful drawings!!

ROFLLLLLLLLLL!! How kute can she be ;3
I can help her make a gallery!! hoho.

Lacks of everything.

Well, People out there! Please puhlease peelease ~~ tag C's blog!
& tag my blog too! -innocent eyes-
Happy 50th posts! LOL
very less eh ): & i know my blog lacks of pictures
cos' i lost my hp ): now using a lousy phone without camera
so, i couldn't take any pictures without any camera!!
Well, u know I've got a instax mini 55i but i drop it on the ground &
zoomz zomg boomz, & currently broke down. ):
I wanted to get it to repair asap! Mummy says Tuesday after school she will drive me to the Fujifilm buildings to repair my instax mini, hope she wont forget.
Cos' she always forget things! I'm trying my best to save money to buy a Diana F+.
Don't know when i can get $100+ ): i wanna find a job during the June holidays.
I don't even think i can get a digital camera, don't even wish to think i can get a dslr. ):
another problem, my schoolwork, i seriously need to get a tutor but i hate bad tutors who scold me ):
hahaha, i'll get Larissa or people who is the top in class! ):
7 sad faces there! ): oh well, its 8.
End my post with a saddy face ): no its 9 sad faces! . LOL
Off to look for money & do homework!


Happy w.w.w day!

Happy Birthday, Mummy! (luvs)

Went to www with them . :)
Have fun there! Swimming, laughing blah~
Ularlarrrr is our favourite!
* Ahem * yea you know, everyone was crazy about a hot guy there~ LOL
My sunburn is burning , hais.
but, im so gonna go www next time again! :DD

rotting at home.

& Now friday.
1 week holiday just gone like that.
School gonna reopen soon D:
& i haven't done my homework yet.
Alright, bye . :D


Have a break, have a kit kat !

Finally, it's March holidays! I gonna spend my holidays wisely.
Study, playing :DDDDDDDDD

" Do you really believe that you can love someone very much, very very much, even though you're a world apart? "
- Jodi Picoult, Second Glance .


Alien alien alien shooterrrrrrrrssssss !

LMAO, The alien shooters very lousy, cant even find us ,
face infront of camera acting only! HEHEHE. X8
While they were acting infront of the camera, guess wat?
the aliens were at the roadside , then we went looking for them =="
There's gonna be part 2! Wait for next weekend for the Alien shoooottterrs to see my Face 8)))))!


C's blog 8DDD



C's blog 8)))))!



Video recommanded by Baka :)

"Not money, identity theft dumbass!!!"
"are you threatening me?!"
"are you retarded?!"

Things all happened in Grand Avenue!


Ah! What Then?

What if you slept?
And what if in your sleep, you dreamed?
And what if in your dream, you went to heaven
and there plucked a strange and beautiful flower?
And what if, when you woke, you had the flower in your hand?
Ah! What then?




My blogger is finally back to normal! \m/
Didn't went for school today, simply just because i overslept.
there's thousands of things happened, & thousands of pictures :D
Pictures here! GO GO GO -->>> LARISSA'S BLOG!

Oh & yea, here's Sparky's stupid face! 8D

"heh heh heh, am i cute with small eyes o-o ?"

"Hey babe, wanna come out with me?" *sheepish grin*
by my Sister. lol

Sparky sparky, you look better with big eyes O-O,
Done with my post! enjoy reading :8))))))

Yeah, its tattoo.


This tattoo looks so real, what do you think about it?