So blessed to have friends that make the effort to surprise me & treat me to lunch for my birthday.
Compared to last year's 18th birthday, it feels really different. I always have the idea that 'birthday is just a normal day, nothing special to me.' and yeah, cause for the past few years, I was feeling lonely for the fact that no one really cares, I would just go shopping myself and replied to all the 'birthday messages' that people sent me through whatsapp. But really? being there, having someone to celebrate with you is so much more meaningful than just a 'message'. I guess technology have taken away part of our amazing life. Imagine if there's no such thing as 'whatsapp'? You'll know who are your true friends that will be there physically celebrating with you. But still, some would say 'What if your friends are really busy?', I would say 'It's always about making choices. Unless if it's emergency, if you really care about that particular person, you'll fork out some time to meet him/her, even if it's just for an hour, or even 30mins.' Anyway, this year, 2015, I'm 19 year old, and it's the first time in many years I've felt so touched & totally changed my perspective of 'celebrating' alone, I can really feel the love through all the plans they make to surprise me. I'm really grateful. Thankyou for everything. :)